Helping brands win by powering operations and intelligence
in an increasingly competitive world

Solutions for Brands

Our solutions are designed to rapidly and efficiently scale some of the most painful business processes in enterprises today. Our systems are designed to scale nuanced and custom processes, because every company is unique.

Moderation &
Quality Control

Track down fake products, copyright infringements, and poor quality listings across online marketplaces.

Recommendations &
Search Tuning

Improve product discovery and website engagement, drive up-selling, and improve conversions.


Categorize and classify data for product catalogs, customer reviews, social photos, or any other user generated content.


Compare your brand’s products, reviews, and search results side-by side with any competitor.

Tagging &

Add tags to your product catalog, customer reviews, social photos, or any types of user generated content.


Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety

Protect your brand and take down fraudulent listings across markets to avoid loss of revenue.

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Analyze customer perception of your brand across all channels.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Track the state of your product performance across key markets.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark the state of your product versus competition across key markets.

Running a global brand is hard. We get it.

It’s a competitive space and consumer loyalty is of utmost importance. You constantly need to innovate on new product lines that are attuned to your customer’s preferences. You also need to safeguard your brand and its value across the internet. In all this, managing data heavy operations that drive a lot of product innovation becomes extremely challenging and takes years to perfect, even with the right tools and teams.

We made Squad so you can focus on creating a better catalog each season, form new partnerships and alliances, and acquire new customers, instead of managing intelligence to power your ever growing catalog that changes each season.

Sound Familiar?

  • Back in the day, we had physical retail audits. Now everything is moving online. We have no way of knowing how our products stack up against competition across all E-commerce channels.

    VP, Merchandising Global Sports Brand
  • We're losing 10% of our revenue each year to fake products coming out of China that are flooding the market.

    VP, Legal Fortune 500 Luxury Brand
  • We have no idea on how are products are selling across global marketplaces through third parties. We don't even know if they're pricing the products appropriately.

    VP, Digital Partnerships Fortune 500 Luxury Brand

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