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Solutions for Marketplaces

Our solutions are designed to rapidly and efficiently scale some of the most painful business processes in enterprises today. Our systems are designed to scale nuanced and custom processes, because every company is unique.

Moderation &
Quality Control

Moderate and quality control incoming products and content to offer a trustworthy, uniform, and high-quality site experience.

Recommendations &
Search Tuning

Improve product discovery and site engagement, drive up-selling and improve conversions.


Add multiple categories to your catalog for improved product discovery and better site experience.


Stay ahead of competition by benchmarking your search results, recommendations, user reviews, and more.

Tagging &

Enrich your data with attributes and tags to drive better search, recommendations, and deep filters.


Enriched and Optimized Catalog

Enriched and Optimized Catalog

Structure your catalog better with better titles, descriptions, attributes, and tags to drive all sorts of optimizations.

Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety

Remove poor quality data and fraudulent listings to drive a uniform and trustworthy site experience.

Improved Discovery

Improved Discovery

Drive better filters, recommendations, and SEO to help customers find what they’re looking for.

Improved Conversions

Improved Conversions

Drive better UX, more time on site, more upselling, and improve overall conversions.

Marketplaces are hard. We get it.

Marketplaces are really hard to scale, especially maintaining the balance between buyers and sellers while driving value for each side.

Competition is intense, margins are thin, you’re burning cash to incentivize one side, Amazon is breathing down your neck, and every day is a new battle while you continue to grow and sustain your platform. In all this, managing data heavy operations becomes extremely challenging and takes years to perfect, even with the right tools and teams.

We made Squad so your team can have the focus they need to develop a better experience for your buyers and sellers, create a curated catalog, drive user acquisition, and find new verticals of growth, instead of managing the data on your ever growing platform.

Sound Familiar?

  • Our marketplace is full of poor quality listings, incorrect categories and attributes sent over by sellers, fake products, and the likes. All this data really hampers website user experience and people lose trust.

    VP, Trust and Safety Cross-border E-commerce Marketplace Unicorn
  • When sellers upload a listing, they want it to go live quickly. So do we. To do that, we need tools, systems, and people to be working on this 24x7. That's really, really hard because you don't want a bad quality listing to go up on the site.

    VP, Engineering, Seller Experience E-commerce Marketplace Unicorn
  • Data on a listing powers everything from categories, to filters, to search, to recommendations. Without high quality data on a listing, it's as good as not having it.

    VP, Structured Data Fortune 500 Marketplace

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