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Helping social networks win by powering operations and intelligence
for a better and safer user experience

Solutions for Social Networks

Our solutions are designed to rapidly and efficiently scale some of the most painful business processes in enterprises today. Our systems are designed to scale nuanced and custom processes, because every company is unique.

Moderation &
Quality Control

Moderate and quality control your social network’s incoming content to offer a safe and secure site experience.

Recommendations &
Search Tuning

Improve content discovery and platform engagement by tuning search and recommendations.


Add multiple categories to content such as profiles, posts, and images for improved discovery and targeting.


Benchmark your social network against the competition to deeply understand sentiments, attributes, and features that customers value.

Tagging &

Enrich social data like profiles, posts, and images with attributes and tags to drive better search, recommendations, and ad-targeting.


Enriched UX

Enriched UX

Drive a better user experience and increase time spent on your platform with well moderated data.

Improved Discovery

Improved Discovery

Drive better social content discovery, recommendations, and SEO with enriched data.

Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety

Remove hate speech, bullies, and ‘Not Safe For Work’ (NSFW) content to ensure a safe social environment.

User Intelligence

User Intelligence

Deeper customer level and topic level intelligence to drive analytics and insights.

Social networks are hard. We get it.

Social Networks are really hard to scale, especially getting to the point of critical mass and maintaining high levels of user engagement.

Competition is intense; Facebook is constantly releasing new features, ad networks need more and more user targeting data, and everyday is a new battle while you continue to grow and sustain your platform. In all this, managing data heavy operations becomes extremely challenging and takes years to perfect, even with the right tools and teams.

We made Squad so you can focus on creating a better user experiences, drive user acquisition, improve user engagement, run better ad-targeting, and find new verticals of growth, instead of managing the data on your ever growing platform.

Sound Familiar?

  • Our platform is full of abusive, hateful, and NSFW content. We started out with the idea of the platform being open but we're now struggling with quality control.

    VP, Community Operations Social Platform for Teenagers
  • Our platform is full of spammy users that end up posting inappropriate messages and give us a bad reputation.

    VP, Product Dating App in SEA
  • It's important for us to drive engaging content for the relevant audience but the recommendation algorithms that we're using aren't yielding results and user engagement is going down.

    VP, Product Fashion Focused Social Network

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