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Squad uses Humans + A.I. to help the biggest e-commerce companies remove bad actors selling prohibited and fraudulent products on their platforms.

Our platform was created with the single vision to increase trustworthy and safe user experiences.

A single system powering end-to-end
moderation on your platform


One stack, fully customizable, massive efficiency

The ultimate platform for scaling moderation


Full-stack moderation

Cutting edge end-to-end moderation system using machine learning.


Delivered at scale

Squad can handle millions of incoming data points and still deliver accurate SLA-based output.


Unparalled ROI

Say goodbye to repetitive operational tasks and deploy your team to solve core business challenges like better platform experience.

A combination of Humans + A.I. is separating
the best platforms from the rest

The startup’s “commitment to trust and safety” sets it apart from competitors and provides the foundation for a healthy and active marketplace.


Through 2020, organizations using cognitive ergonomics and system design in new artificial intelligence projects will achieve long-term success four times more often than others.


AI may only be able to give you 60 to 70 percent of the answer, and you’re going to need humans to fill that remaining 30 percent. It’s not an either/or, it’s a combination of both and mastering how that combination works is the difference between success and failure.


What our customers have to say

“For quality and compliance, we need to do human validation of listings to avoid pornography and other offensive material and maintain quality standards. Before turnaround time for sellers was more than 24 hours and that’s not something we were proud of. But with the help of the distributed workforce, we were able to reduce it to less than four hours.”

Viraj Chatterjee
VP Engineering, Snapdeal

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