Artificial Intelligence

Helping A.I. companies win through
high-quality training data and human validation

Solutions for Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions are designed to rapidly and efficiently scale some of the most painful business processes in enterprises today. Our systems are designed to scale nuanced and custom processes, because every company is unique.


Digitize any content for various applications.


Extract important keywords and classify them for your training data needs.


Add multiple categories to your content to structure it.


Quality control, de-duplicate, and cluster similar data sets together for improved efficiency.

Image Annotation
& Object Detection

Annotate your images with bounding boxes and labels to train your machine learning datasets.


Better Training Data

Better Training Data

Generate training data quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Better Data Insights

Better Data Insights

Structure data with various categories, attributes, and tags to analyze it better.

Extreme Accuracy

Extreme Accuracy

Get really accurate gold-standard data without multiple human reviewers.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Deploy quickly and scalably, connect multiple models, and add humans-in-the-loop.

Scaling A.I. is hard. We get it.

Right from finding the right application for your AI, gathering and training high-quality data-sets, and hiring the right talent, building a game changing AI application is challenging.

Competition is intense, business models yet to be proven at scale, and staying ahead requires expensive data-sets and a ton of training efforts. Managing data heavy operations and acquiring data becomes extremely challenging and takes years to perfect, even with the right tools and teams.

We made Squad so you can focus on creating better models, deploy scalable applications, and find new verticals of growth, instead of managing your data pipeline and creating all the tools in-house.

Sound Familiar?

  • Our models need to be trained and tested continuously. They also need reliable humans-in-the-loop to act quickly and handle exceptions. Putting this all together has been hard.

    Chief Data Scientist Fortune 500 Company
  • We always need high-quality training data at an affordable price.

    CEO Deep Learning Startup in the E-commerce
  • While we have some A.I. in production, building internal frameworks, tools, and environments to train, connect, and scale different models has been a big challenge for us.

    CTO E-commerce Unicorn

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